The Groove and Move class is a fast-paced high energy aerobic style exercise program.  This program features music, aerobics, hula- hooping, rhythmic ribbons and more! The students will have a blast  during our fast-paced aerobics work-out designed so kids forget they are exercising and start to realize that FITNESS is FUN!

Groove & Move Cardio Blast!

   Yoga Fitness

Experience is everything, and through our Unique Fitness 4 Kids classes,  your child will experience an exciting, engaging, fun fitness journey that teaches kids the art of yoga and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Our UniqueFitness4Kids classes are designed for all kids to have the most incredible time enjoying fitness, while learning the importance of exercising the mind as well.  The class sessions allow students to learn either the art of Yoga or the thrill of an aerobic style cardio workout.  In our Yoga Fitness classes the students learn poses, proper breathing and stretching techniques and increase balance, while mixing in the fun of fitness.  The Groove & Move Cardio Blast class is a fast-paced, high energy aerobic style exercise program.  This program features music, aerobics, hula-hooping, rhythmic ribbons and more.  These UniqueFitness classes allow students to begin the path to a healthy lifestyle.  The benefits are felt in the classroom setting as well.  The classes simply emphasize Yoga, Fitness, Cardio  and FUN!  Both classes are a true workout for the MIND, BODY and SOUL!

Fitness and Fun for the Whole Child!

Drop-Shots Tennis

Unique Fitness Experiences for Kids...

Yoga Fitness is a perfectly balanced program that teaches children the art of yoga.  Our curriculum combines yoga stretching and poses with fitness and agility style exercises.  We allow students the opportunity to get their energy out as we develop their strength, stamina, balance and agility and then teach them how to calm their bodies and minds through the art of YOGA! 

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Unique Fitness 4 Kids

We offer tennis classes for kids ages 3 -8 years old.  We teach the students the proper tennis technique and they will learn how to hit forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves. We also focus on agility, coordination, footwork and we develop their hand-eye coordination.  The students will have a blast in our Drop-Shots Tennis program. We provide the tennis rackets and equimpment during the tennis classes for the students to use!




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